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Based in Sedona, Arizona, Mike from Southwest Outside specializes in personalized outdoor education and adventures for families, schools, small groups and individuals. He has years of experience in leading hikes, expeditions and southwest tours, providing information on natural history, geology and Native American cultures. His experience and training sets him apart. from other guides. His personally designed adventures show you the beauty of the Southwest.  Mike offers our guests 20% off the prices listed on his website.  Southwest Outside.com

Half-Day Adventures:Back to Top

Red Rock Backroads

Relax and experience Sedona's beautiful red rock country in comfort on a three or four hour 4wd tour in their large, luxurious SUV.

Sedona Sunset

This 3-hour journey takes you into the heart of the red rocks. Bring your own bottle of wine to enjoy while we take in a southwestern sunset on this back road tour.

Canyon Explorer

Go on an exploration of an impressive red rock canyon. Your personal journey into the wilderness will show you breathtaking red rock formations set in a deep canyon of the Colorado Plateau. There are many options on these canyon treks.

Sinkholes & Spires

Relax and experience Sedona's beautiful red rock country in comfort on a three or four hour 4wd tour in their large, luxurious SUV.

Slickrock Scramble

Spend some time on Sedona's slickrock and you'll never want to hike a dirt path again! This is a moderate hike on a cross-country route or an established trail.

Sinaguan Rock Art

Visit ancient rock art panels of the Verde Valley and discuss the early Puebloan cultures of Sedona and the Southwest as well as the mystery of their disappearance.

Sedona Full-Day Adventures:Back to Top

Sedona Grand Adventure

This is a great combination trip for those with limited time in Sedona. We'll spend the morning hiking a spectacular red rock trail and enjoying a picnic lunch. The afternoon will include a more leisurely backroad drive in a comfortable SUV. The best of both worlds for a Sedona backcountry experience!

Sedona Canyons Explorer

A full day hike in one of Sedona's spectacular canyons is the way to experience Red Rock Country. There are many options on this full day adventure.

Mountain Summit Adventure

This is a challenging hike to the top of Red Rock Country. The difficulty of this trek pays off with the reward of a spectacular view and the solitude of the wilderness.

Wilderness Swimming Hole Trek (Summer Only)

Spend the day in a wilderness canyon along a crystal clear stream at your own "private" swimming hole. A great way to enjoy a summer day in the Southwest!
Southwest Outside Adventures also does custom outings for groups and individuals. There are many options for great back country experiences in red rock country.

Sedona Sacred EarthBack to Top

Sedona is believed to be a very spiritual place. If you are looking for a journey to visit sacred sites we would highly recommend Clint Frakes of Sedona Sacred Earth. His approach to his journeys is in the spirit of a "medicine walk". The working idea & practice is that you set your intentions before you visit these sacred sites and assume that you will find means of insight appropriate to your quest, be it healing, vision, procuring the means for a project or endeavor - whatever it is you might be looking for. These are personalized, private journeys in which Clint takes into account your interest and abilities in order to create the most fulfilling experience in Sedona and Northern Arizona.  All levels of physical ability from extremely athletic to physically handicapped can be accommodated.  The journeys range from wilderness hikes for individuals, couples and families to highly specialized intentional journeys and pilgrimages for  the purpose of spiritual insight, healing, inspiration or assisting you in finding tools and answers for your life.   Many of the guests at our Sedona Boutique B&B style hotel have gone on tours with Clint and all have given him rave reviews! 
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