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150 Canyon Circle Drive
Sedona, Arizona, AZ 86351, United States

Local Attractions

People often ask, “what should I do while I am in Sedona”? There are many things to see and many things to do in Sedona. Visitors and residents delight in the area's natural year-round beauty, which is conducive to many types of outdoor activities. It's easy to spend several weeks in Sedona exploring hidden canyons and enjoying red rock trails or visiting the area's sacred sites or Sedona's vortexes. If you only have 3 days to spend in our Sedona Boutique hotel, your choice of activities would be different depending on your interests. Here are some suggestions to help you plan your stay.

If you only have 3 days to spend in our Sedona Boutique Hotel, your choice of activities would be different depending on your interests. Here are some suggestions to help you plan you stay.
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Outdoor ExperienceBack to Top

Day 1

  1. Hike around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte within walking distance of our Sedona B&B style hotel
  2. Visit our local State Parks

Red Rock state park

Is a 286 acre nature preserve and environmental education center with stunning scenery. There are several trails throughout the park. Red Rock offers a variety of daily and weekly park events which are posted on the bulletin board at our Sedona Bed and Breakfast. Some of these include daily nature walks, and twice weekly bird walks.

Slide Rock State Park

Is named after the famous Slide Rock, a stretch of slippery creek bottom adjacent to the homestead. Visitors may slide down a slick natural water chute or wade and sun along the creek. There are also picnic areas, hiking trails, wildlife viewing and fishing. The park has short trails including a nature trail. Slide Rock Route: This is a 0.3-mile trail. This primitive route along Oak Creek is the main access to the Slide Rock Swim Area. This extremely popular area features a natural water slide along Oak Creek.

Day 2

  1. Explore Oak Creek Canyon
  2. Hike West Fork Trail (the most beautiful trail in Sedona)
  3. Take a Back country Jeep tour

Day 3

    1. Enjoy an Early Morning Hot Air Balloon Ride
    2. Take a Day trip To the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon is only 108 miles (about a 2 hour drive) from our Sedona Boutique hotel and is an easy day trip! We can give you directions that will take you through beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and you will come back a different way with afternoon views of the Painted Desert. A day trip on the South Rim of the park can afford pleasant walks with spectacular vistas and fascinating points of interest.

Other Options

  1. Ride the Verde Canyon Railroad
  2. Fishing at the Rainbow Trout Farm
  3. Take a day trip to Monument Valley
  4. Go on a guided back country tour with Mike at  Southwest Outside Adventures   (a favorite guide of ours).
  5. Rent an ATV and roam the vast amount of back roads
  6. Go for a horseback ride
  7. Rent a Mountain Bike and ride the trails near our Sedona Bed and Breakfast style hotel
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Spiritual & Metaphysical Experience Back to Top

Day 1

  1. Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross
  2. Go on a Yoga Hike with Aumbase Sedona
  3. Visit the many metaphysical shops

Day 2

  1. Hike to the various Vortex sites

Sedona Vortex sites are popular tourist attractions. Vortex sites are believed to be enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and exploring your relationship with your Soul and the divine. Resonating within the body, it strengthens one's inner energy core, providing renewed clarity and focus. The power that emanates from the vortexes produces some of the most remarkable energy on the planet. This energy is the reason Sedona has a large New Age community with a variety of spiritual practices and alternative healing modalities. People come from all over the world to experience the energy flow from the vortexes.

Bell Rock Vortex

Is located within walking distance of our Sedona Boutique hotel. Its distinct shape makes it easy to spot, and parking and trails are clearly visible. There are easy walking trails here for a beautiful stroll. You may choose to climb higher which will reward you with stunning views. The highest points are steep and can be dangerous to reach. Sunrise is an especially beautiful time here when the sun rises over the mountains lighting up the valley.

The Cathedral Rock Vortex

Can be approached from the Village of Oak Creek by starting on the Baldwin trail and walking along Oak Creek to the
Cathedral Rock trail. There is another route that will bring you close enough to this vortex to feel its energy: From Hwy 179, drive in Back-o-Beyond Rd (a short distance from our Sedona B&B hotel).  This trail is 6 mile from the parking area at the base of Cathedral Rock.  You can hike up the trail toward the center of Cathedral Rock.

The Airport Mesa Vortex

Is the closest vortex to the center of Sedona. The views are beautiful in nearly all directions. You can see Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte and Schnebly Hill to the South and East. To the North you can see Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

Is recognized by some as a Sedona vortex site and one of the Seven Man-Made Wonders of Arizona. The Chapel features a design inspired by the Empire State Building and is built directly into the buttes of Sedona's red rocks. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic chapel built into the mesas of Sedona, Arizona, This spiritual citadel on a hill is one of the "must see" sights of Sedona. One of Sedona's earliest landmarks is also one of its most endearing.  The Chapel of the Holy Cross, where people of all denominations come to offer their prayers, supplications, and praises, and to marvel at the building's distinctive architecture and the panoramic vistas from its site. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a very short drive from our Sedona Boutique Bed and Breakfast style hotel.

Day 3

  1. Pamper Yourself at a Spa
  2. Experience Spiritual Readings (Tarot card Reading, Intuitive Reading or Aura Reading).

Other Options

  1. Attend a Medicine Wheel Journey
  2. Visit the Amitabha Stupa
  3. Participate in Healing Programs (Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, Reiki).
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Native American ExperienceBack to Top

Day 1

  1. Visit local Native American Ruins
  2. Visit V-Bar-V Petroglyphs near our Boutique Hotel

Tuzigoot (Apache for Crooked Water)

Tuzigoot is the remains of a Sinagua village which sits atop a ridge 120 feet above the Verde Valley. The original pueblo was two stories high is some places and had 77 ground room floors. Most of the rooms that remain are partially preserved walls a few feet high. The largest dwelling, on top of the hill, is complete with a reconstructed ceiling plus a ladder up to the roof. From the roof there are panoramic views in all directions. The visitor center has a nice display of Indian artifacts, most of which have been found on-site.

Palatki Heritage Site(Hopi for Red House)

Palatki is located just outside Sedona. There are two trails at Palatki, one trail takes you to the Sinagua cliff dwellings and a second that goes to the alcoves that shelter the rock art or pictographs. The trail to the pictographs is fairly easy but the trail to the cliff dwellings includes about 50 rocky steps. Palatki, and its sister site Honanki, are the largest cliff dwellings in the Red Rock country and is a fun day adventure while staying at our Sedona Boutique hotel.

Honanki Heritage Site (Hopi for "Bear House")

Honanki was built by the Sinagua around 100-1300 A.D. Honanki is located in a remote Red Rock canyon outside Sedona, just off an unpaved road. This well preserved pueblo is of masonry construction and is one of the area's largest, once having 60 rooms. Some of the walls still stand, while others are in various states of deterioration. Above the ruins are numerous pictographs, some of which predated the cliff dwellings by several thousand years.

V-Bar-B Petroglyph Site

V-BAR-B Is the largest known petroglyph site in the Verde Valley and is one of the best preserved. The rock art site consists of 1,032 petroglyphs in 13 panels. Volunteers from the Verde Valley Archaeological society and the Friends of the Forest provide interesting interpretive tours and on site management. A visitor center with restroom and bookstore is located at the start of the easy half mile walk to the site. V-Bar-V is a short drive from our Sedona Boutique B&B style hotel.

Day 2

  1. Take a Day tour to the Hopi Reservations

Day 3

  1. Visit Montezuma Castle and Well
  2. Visit Native American Jewelry, Arts & Craft Shops

Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle has been described as the best preserved and most dramatic cliff dwelling in the United States. These dwellings rise 100 feet above the Beaver Creek floodplain, and are a testimony to the resilience and innovations of the Sinagua Indians. Montezuma Castle is 90% original despite years of excavation and visitation. It is built into a deep alcove with masonry rooms added in phases. The roof was built of sycamore beams, reeds, grasses and clay which served as the floor for the next room built on top.

Montezuma Well

Montezuma Well is a natural sinkhole 368 feet wide, with cliffs that tower 70 feet above the water's surface. Every day 1.5 million gallons of warm water flows into the well, fed by large underwater vents, some as deep as 56 feet below the surface. The water exits the well through a cave 300 feet long, emerging into an irrigation ditch originally constructed almost 1000 years ago by the Sinagua Indians. Even today the well offers an oasis for visitors and wildlife.

Other Options

  1. Visit Walnut Canyon National Monument
  2. Visit Wupatki & Sunset Crater National Monument
  3. Take a day trip to Monument Valley

  4. Attend a Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Arts and Culture ExperienceBack to Top

Day 1

  1. Visit the Galleries & Shops in Sedona

Day 2

  1. Take a half day trip to Jerome. Jerome sits above what was the largest copper mine in Arizona and produced an astonishing 3 million pounds of copper per month. Today the mines are silent, and Jerome has become the largest ghost town in America. Jerome is now a bustling artistic community with a population of about 450. It includes a combination of artists, craft people, musicians, writers, hermits, gift shop proprietors and fallen-down-building landlords. Jerome is an enchanting town and a photographer's paradise. From its external appearances it hasn't changed much in nearly 100 years.
  2. Visit the Antique Shops in Cottonwood

Day 3

  1. Visit the Sedona Creative Arts Center


  2. Visit  the Sedona Heritage Museum