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Boynton Canyon Trail
Get up close to scenic red rocks if you hike the Boynton Canyon Trail, one of the most popular hikes in West Sedona.

Discover red rocks, a vortex and a beautiful box canyon on this west Sedona trail.



Sometimes all you need is a long hike. It gives you time to think, relax and get in a good workout. One of our top trails that meets all those requirements is the Boynton Canyon Trail. This relatively easy walk in the woods is one of our top ways to enjoy stunning red rock views, a vortex and an all-around great hike.

Boynton Canyon Trail

Red rocks near the start of this trail.

The trail kicks off with a sandy start. Take a left when you reach the sign for Deadman’s Pass and Boynton Canyon Trail. Enter Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness at roughly 0.27 miles. Just a few steps from there, take a right to head up to a red rock mesa that leads to the Boynton Pass Vortex trail that takes you near the Kachina Woman vortex. Vortexes are supposed energy centers. Take time to appreciate the sweeping and stunning West Sedona views from the top.

Boynton Canyon Trail

An outstanding view from this box canyon.

As you hike, Enchantment Resort will come into view on your left. On your right, get up close to red rock formations. Appreciate the red rocks in front of you too. With a few uphill exceptions, the trail is largely flat. At about the 2-mile mark, you’ll hike beside a dry creek bed on your right. The temperatures drop here and stay chilly until the end. Bring a light jacket to combat the “cold.” For the most part after that 2 miles, you’re hiking with tall trees on either side of you – giving this a woodsy feel that we loved. Stop and inhale the pine.

Boynton Canyon Trail

Hikers can look forward to red rock views on this hike.

Although largely level, the last quarter mile of this trail is one tough uphill slog. Your reward when you reach the trail’s end – marked by a wooden sign – is a stunning view of Boynton Canyon. Red rock walls dotted with green vegetation rise all around you. Take time to rest and eat a snack on the red rock mesa. This is a vista you can only capture on this trail. Watch your footing as you head back down and return the way you came for a trail that clocks in at around 6 miles round trip.


DIRECTIONS: From West Sedona, turn right on Dry Creek Road. At 3 miles, take a left onto Boynton Pass Road. Take a right onto Boynton Canyon Road at 5 miles. The parking lot will be on your right. You must purchase a Red Rock Parking Pass and display it in your dashboard. Day passes cost $5. There’s a restroom at this trailhead.


Hiking Alert
Please check with the Red Rock Ranger District of Coconino National Forest before planning your hike. For more information visit: